Does the Holy Spirit live inside of you?

In the Gospel of John, chapter 14, Jesus is preparing his disciples for his approaching death, resurrection and ascension. He explains that it is necessary for him to leave so that he can send the Holy Spirit to them to be a companion, a support, an encourager [“paraclete”, from the Greek para, along side of, and kaleo, called]. In verse 17 Jesus says of the Holy Spirit “he will dwell with you and shall be in you”.
The Apostle Paul in his writings frequently refers to this “indwelling” Spirit; imagine, the invisible spiritual presence of God and Jesus actually living inside of each believer…inside of YOU,
• as a resource for withstanding
• as an empowerment for ministry and
• as an encourager through difficult times
and situations;
• as a divine guide in decision-making;
• as a “revealer” of spiritual truth and
an “explainer” of puzzling scriptures.

The Holy Spirit is the ALWAYS AVAILABLE presence and power of God who not only walks “along side of” us, but who is also inside of us. Virtually all New Testament writers (Paul, Peter, the author of the letter to the Hebrews) state the bold claim that having the Holy Spirit of God and Jesus living inside of us makes each of us a…TEMPLE.

The question that is foremost on my mind when I ponder this wonderful fact that God wants you (and me) to see ourselves as a TEMPLE is — WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS OF BEING A TEMPLE FOR GOD? Among all the things that can be said about a temple, I believe the most important truth is that a temple is A PLACE WHERE SACRIFICES ARE OFFERED. Understanding our bodies, therefore, to be temples seems to fit with Paul’s exhortation to “offer yourself as a living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1).
How would your life (and my life) be different
if you offered every thought, every action, every encounter, every product or work of my hands and mind, every decision, every fear, worry or concern…consciously and intentionally to God:
twenty four hours a day, seven days a week?

I encourage you to do two things right now:
(1) If you are not sure if the Holy Spirit is living
inside of you, simply ask God right now to
send his Holy Spirit to dwell permanently
inside of you, making you a TEMPLE for God
(2) Begin the new habit of offering to God
EVERYTHING you do, think or decide. If you
have a job, offer everything you do at work
to Him. When you go to the grocery store,
to fill the car with gas…everything you do or
think…every decision and encounter…offer it
to God…you are a TEMPLE for him. Let him
bring new life to you and through you, to