Are we getting close to the end of time?

Sometimes I suspect some people think I’ve lost my mind. I’ve talked in Sermon’s about God whispering in my ear, or being visited by an angel or having some highly unlikely event happen (what some Spiritual people call a “God-incidence” as opposed to a “coincidence”).

But something happened recently that had never happened before.

I was standing at the sink, not thinking anything in particular, when four lines
that ended with rhyming words just popped into my head. It wasn’t like I THOUGHT them or somehow worked them into the way they came out. They just…well… HAPPENED.

Skin lesions
Subterranean fissions
Mystic visions

Now, in times past I have had what I believe was God’s Spirit put
ideas to speak – in a Sermon, or while counseling, or approaching a troubled stranger;
but I have never had what (for want of a better word) seemed to be a poem, or more specifically
a HAIKU poem just suddenly appear in my “mind’s eye”, to use Shakespeare’s phrase.

More amazing even (at least to me) – when God has given me a “word” during a Sermon or to
comfort a hurting person – it has had a specific “ministry” purpose. But at first I didn’t see any
“redemptive” purpose in these seemingly unrelated phrases.

But when I went to my computer to write down the phrases so I at least wouldn’t forget them, I began to realize a couple of things: first, there were seventeen syllables – hence … a HAIKU (Japanese poem with seventeen syllables); second, after forty-five years as a Pastor and Preacher, I have read, studied, prayed over and thought a lot about John’s Revelation; especially the Apocalyptic portions having to do with the Last Days (end times). In Revelation we find that one of the Four Horsemen releases PESTILENCE (Revelation 6:8), and a few verses later there is reference to a great EARTHQUAKE (Revelation 6:12); and in Revelation 9:17 John refers to his VISIONS (specifically of one of the seven angels opening the sixth Seal). And Joel (3:14-16) in his Apocalyptic vision speaks of “multitudes in the Valley of DECISION” because the “Day of the Lord” is drawing near.

I don’t claim at this point to understand WHY this “poem” was given to me, nor why it was given at THIS TIME.

But I can’t deny there is a part of me that believes that possibly, all over our planet, other Spiritual men and women are receiving similar POINTERS – reminders that the End of Days, the time of God’s ultimate Judgment, and the time of Decision for those who haven’t made up their minds about whether or not to repent and call out to Jesus to be their Savior, may be …. closer than we know.