Just Four Little Years

It’s been almost exactly four years since my last post on this site.  I currently work 1/2 time at an Episcopal Church in a small Central Alabama town named Montevallo; I am also Chaplain to Episcopal students at the University of Montevallo, and for five semesters, I have been an Adjunct instructor of Religion at the University.  A poster that used to hang in my office said “A sure sign of God is that you end up where you did not intend to go.” Just four little years, but so many things change.

I’ve just published my first book. My wife has become a trained facilitator for Labyrinth walk prayer and Contemplative prayer. Our hope is to use these newly acquired credentials, in addition to three decades of practical experience in Church leadership to open doors for us (either individually or as a couple) to help interested people develop a more personal connection with the God. It is our hope that what you discover on this Site not only sounds different from what you find on many similar sites, but more importantly, sounds like a way you can get personalized help in finding the kind of connection and closeness with God that you are seeking.