Are you as close to God
as you want to be?


Numerous Christian thinkers over the Centuries have believed that humans are born with an innate longing to be and to feel close to God. One way of expressing this, variously attributed to St. Augustine and to Blaise Pascal, is that humans are born with “a God-shaped hole”. The image suggests that we can try to fill that hole (empty feeling inside) with other things — wealth, possessions, recreation, sex, drugs or alcohol, fame, power…. to name a few – but that none of those things is ultimately satisfying because the longing can only truly be satisfied with that one thing for which the “hole” in us was shaped: namely… God. I express the idea in these words:

The deepest spiritual longing of nearly every human being is to be close to God. If this idea has a ring of truth for you, then there are two important questions that beg an answer:

1. Am I as close to God as I would like to be?

2. Am I as close to God as He would like me to be?


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