Why I celebrate Pentecost Sunday

Today is PENTECOST — we celebrate the 3rd person of the Trinity, THE HOLY SPIRIT.

We are taught that the HOLY SPIRIT comes to live inside of us at BAPTISM. The main REASON God implants the Spirit within us is to EMPOWER everything we DO as a Christian.

The Spirit empowers our Outreach … the Spirit transforms us inwardly so that our compassion / generosity / self-control / our inner PEACE + JOY / our sense of connectedness with God …. All INCREASE as a result of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that we receive at Baptism.

There’s just one catch — as we grow into adulthood and life’s challenges and temptations increase … the Spirit within us must also INCREASE to meet the growing TRIALS. THAT IS WHAT WE MEAN BY SPIRITUAL GROWTH.

And the difficulty is this (more…)

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