Psychological Motivations to become a terrorist

For quite some time now we have heard or ISIS and other (primarily Islamic) terrorist groups. Much of what is said attributes their motivation to either Religious or Political reasons. There is, however, some growing thought that Psychological motivations play an important role, especially in the recruiting of younger non-Arabic youth into terrorist training and activities. (more…)

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Just Four Little Years

It’s been almost exactly four years since my last post on this site.  I currently work 1/2 time at an Episcopal Church in a small Central Alabama town named Montevallo; I am also Chaplain to Episcopal students at the University of Montevallo, and for five semesters, I have been an Adjunct instructor of Religion at the University.  A poster that used to hang in my office said “A sure sign of God is that you end up where you did not intend to go.” Just four little years, but so many things change. (more…)

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