How to help those in emotional or spiritual pain

To me there is nothing sadder than a person, especially a young person, taking their own life.
There are of course many causes that lead a person to this end: depression, feeling a lack of purpose or feeling “useless”, having a sense of isolation, guilt or loneliness. There are no doubt a myriad of other causes as well; sometimes thoughts of suicide are drug induced, sometimes the result of chemical imbalances in the cerebrum, and often the result of stress, pressure and other life or incidental events or situations. In the course of my ministry, I have known four college age persons who have taken their own life. Two of the four were brought about by drug-overdoses; no definitive conclusion was drawn as to whether they were accidental or deliberate. The other two were brought on by the loss of either a romantic partner or a sibling. I have come to believe it is possible that all four could have been prevented had two factors been present: (more…)

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