“Be Ye Transformed…”

One of Paul’s many profound declarations comes at the beginning of Romans 12 – “Do not be conformed [to become like] to this world, but be transformed [in Greek, metamorphosis= to be changed in both form and substance] by the renewing [in Greek, anakainosis]of your mind.  The Greek word anakainosis is more clearly translated “renovation”.

Like some of you, I imagine, I have worked in the building trade as a home remodeler or “renovator”.  I’ve learned three things about “renovation”:

  1. In a renovation project, change happens slowly over a period of time;
  2. In a renovation project, there are usually numerous set- backs and starting(s) over;
  3. A renovation is a total change, so much so that the renovated space is often unrecognizable when compared with its original shape or form.    (more…)
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